Welcome and well met.

This is the space where silence meets sound, a place to share my musing, and chronicle my journey into some semi-tangible string of words. Here I am, a pacific north westerner, a Pagan, a young man, at a time in my life where I find myself asking whether or not I should join the U.S. Army National Guard.

There are many things that I feel could be better about this country. Some things however slow it may seem are changing though. War isn’t something that I look forward to. I want the discipline that the military can give me, and the school funding, and well, the paycheck certainly won’t hurt either.

I live alone, no kids, and I don’t really party, so saving money shouldn’t be too difficult between the Guard, and my civilian job.  I’ll get in better shape than I ever would at a gym, or changing my habits. I’ll get the discipline to make sure I reach my goal.

There’s real potential to change my life once again, and I’m not certain that I want to look back and wonder, regretting that I never joined. I keep wondering, is that time now? I’ll hate boot camp, I’m sure. That isn’t really the attitude that you want to go into when you wish to do something, but let’s be real. It’s going to be HARD, which is in part, why I want to do it. It’s an 8 year commitment at the most after training. I’ll know soon…


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